South Korea 2-1 Portugal LIVE! Hwang goal wins it – World Cup 2022 match stream, latest score and updates

South Korea 2-1 Portugal LIVE! Hwang goal wins it – World Cup 2022 match stream, latest score and updates

South Korea vs Portugal – LIVE!

South Korea snatched a spot in the World Cup knockout stages courtesy of a last gasp Hwang Hee-Chan goal that helped them battle from behind to beat Portugal 2-1 at Education City Stadium. Cristiano Ronaldo and his fellow countrymen were already through to the last 16 – and still go through as group winners – but after Ricardo Horta’s early goal, they were stunned by an inspired Korean side.

Kim Young-Gwon swept home from a corner, following a defensive error from Ronaldo, to level at 1-1. Paulo Bento’s side then huffed and puffed and it looked as though they’d be heading home bottom of Group H; until Son Heung-Min led a incisive counter-attack in added time feeding Wolves forward and Korean super sub Hwang to slot cooly into the bottom corner.

Uruguay could only beat Ghana 2-0 in the other game, which sent South Korea through on goals scored in second place. See how the game unfolded on Standard Sport’s live blog below.

South Korea vs Portugal latest news

  • GOAL! Hwang wins it in added time

  • GOAL! Kim levels after Ronaldo error

  • GOAL! Horta with the early opener

Korea Republic 2 - 1 Portugal

Tonight’s action

17:24 , Dominic Booth

Just a reminder that Standard Sport is providing live updates from the two final group stage games, both in Group G.

Brazil versus Cameroon here.

Serbia versus Switzerland here.

Match report

17:23 , Dominic Booth

Here’s the match report from Education City as South Korea leave it oh so late to book their World Cup last 16 spot.

A likely tie with Brazil awaits, but they won’t care about that right now, as the celebrations go on.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

17:03 , Dominic Booth

It’s all over in the Ghana versus Uruguay game. It’s finished 2-0, which is enough to send South Korea through on goals scored!

Another afternoon full of twists and turns in this World Cup.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

16:56 , Dominic Booth

Live updates of that Ghana versus Uruguay game are here. Don’t miss the drama.


16:55 , Dominic Booth

It’s all over. South Korea have done their bit, they’ve won 2-1 and will finish on four points.

Over to you, Uruguay...

16:53 , Dominic Booth

95 mins: Not much longer for Korea to hold on here. Then it’s all about Uruguay.

16:52 , Dominic Booth

93 mins: The camera pans to Luis Suarez on the Uruguay bench. He looks distraught, with his team currently out as things stand.

GOAL! South Korea 2-1 Portugal | Hwang ‘90

16:48 , Dominic Booth

Have South Korea nicked it here? Incredible scenes, it’s 2-1!

Just as six minutes were added on, South Korea broke away froma a Portugal corner, Son played an inch-perfect pass through to Hwang Hee-Chan and he finished so so calmly!

16:45 , Dominic Booth

87 mins: There are some tired bodies out there. Portugal are keeping possession nicely and frustrating South Korea.

16:42 , Dominic Booth

84 mins: Struggling to remember anything clearcut that South Korea have created in front of goal since half-time. Not what you’d expect from a team who desperately need all three points. They’re running out of time.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

16:40 , Dominic Booth

81 mins: Kim Young-Gwon is off getting treatment, so he will be one of the players replaced.

Son Jun-Ho is his replacement. Also coming on is Hwang Ui-Jo.

Bernardo Silva and William Carvalho enter the fray for Porgual, with Joao Mario and Vitinha off.

16:37 , Dominic Booth

79 mins: The camera pans to South Korea boss Paulo Bento, who is in the stands having been suspended from the touchline for this one.

He’s against the nation of his birth, but he desperately needs something from his side. Down on the touchline, a triple change is coming.

16:35 , Dominic Booth

77 mins: South Korea are going into their shells a bit. It’s the time of the game where they’ve got to crank it up a gear and take some risks. They’re going out if they don’t score.

Dalot’s cross is blocked and scrambled away.

16:33 , Dominic Booth

75 mins: I’m not sure the referee is entirely across the permutations in this group. He was just giving the Korean goalkeeper the hurry up over a goal-kick, as if he might be trying to run down the clock.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

16:32 , Dominic Booth

74 mins: Come on then, any chance of some more late drama in this World Cup?

A free-kick from Lee Kang-In is curled over.

16:30 , Dominic Booth

72 mins: A terrible option for Leao, neither a cross nor a shot after getting the ball in space in the inside-right channel. A glum-looking Ronaldo looks on from the bench.

16:29 , Dominic Booth

71 mins: Son arrives late to volley Kim Jin-Su’s deep floating cross and there are appeals for a handball from South Korea, but that would be extremely harsh on Cancelo. The Man City full-back is winded; he cerainly didn’t stretch out his arms.

16:28 , Dominic Booth

70 mins: That’s a flowing move from Portugal, with Leao always a threat when he gets the ball and dribbles. He commits a foul, though, which stop the attack dead.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

16:25 , Dominic Booth

67 mins: Costa with a strong parry to deny Hwang In-Beom, whose strike was powerful but too close to the goalkeeper.

This is opening up now.

16:23 , Dominic Booth

65 mins: Wolves forward Hwang Hee-Chan is going to come on for South Korea; it will be his first appearance at the tournament, having been struggling with injury. How apt that he’ll face many of his clubmates, who are in Portugese colours.

It’s Matheus, Neves and Ronaldo who are replaced for Portugal. The latter obviously looking a bit grump with the decision. Andre Silva and Palhinha join Leao on.

16:22 , Dominic Booth

64 mins: Ronaldo chastises Cancelo for taking too long on the ball. He should have delivered the cross much sooner.

Portugal are going to bring on Rafael Leao and others.

16:20 , Dominic Booth

62 mins: Neves’ passing truly is something to behold; another arrowing and inch-perfect diagonal from him to the left flank.

Portugal probing for a second goal, which would break Korean hearts.

16:19 , Dominic Booth

61 mins: A deafening noise from the Korean fans greets every touch Son gets. Another counter attack peters out, though.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

16:16 , Dominic Booth

58 mins: South Korea were dangerous from crosses in their 3-2 defeat to Ghana, with Cho – who bagged a brace in that game – a real poacher in the box. A set piece narrowly evades his stretching leg.

16:14 , Dominic Booth

56 mins: Sensational pass from Neves on the volley there, raking out to the left, but it doesn’t quite materialise for Portugal and Son counters instead, latching onto a great through-ball from Cho.

Corner to South Korea.

16:12 , Dominic Booth

54 mins: A delay as a couple of players, including Horta, get some treatment.

16:11 , Dominic Booth

52 mins: An almighty mis-kick from Ronaldo as the ball is reversed into the channel by Vitinha. He was flagged offside, which saves his blushes in the end.

16:10 , Dominic Booth

51 mins: South Korea are playing a bit of a waiting game, here. They’re quite happy to sit off and keep the scoreline at 1-1 for now, and pounce for a winning goal later on.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

16:06 , Dominic Booth

48 mins: I’ve live blogged all three group games South Korea have played in this World Cup and I’m still at a lost as to why they don’t use Son in a more central area. He’s played there plenty for Tottenham and it would get him in the game far more often.

He’s changed position for this half, but has gone over to the right wing from the left.


16:04 , Dominic Booth

We’re back under way here at Education City Stadium.

First half thoughts

15:51 , Dominic Booth

Whether Portugal will feel the need to bring on their big-hitters – like Bruno Fernandes, Bernardo Silva and Joao Felix – in the second half, remains to be seen. A draw is enough for them to go through as Group H winners.

The fact Uruguay lead Ghana makes the second half of this game even more intriguing. We’ll almost certainly get an attacking South Korean performance after the break.


15:48 , Dominic Booth

That’s that for the first half.

This hasn’t been without entertainment. Portugal have dominated and they had the lead through Horta, but South Korea got their goal and they’re certainly competing, but need more for qualificaiton.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Added time

15:46 , Dominic Booth

45 mins: Portugal are all over South Korea in these final stages of the first half. Vitinha has been a livewire in midfield and Dalot’s combination play down the right is creating openings.

Korea have two minutes of first half added time to see out.

15:43 , Dominic Booth

42 mins: Yet another long shot from a Portuguese midfielder, although this time it really did open up for Vitinha, whose shot tests the keeper and Ronaldo launches himself at the follow up, angling a diving header wide.

15:42 , Dominic Booth

41 mins: Matheus flashes a shot over from some distance out. He should have looked for a pass.

15:42 , Dominic Booth

40 mins: Just a note on the fact Lee Kang-in was harshly booked by the referee Facundo Tello earlier. That could become crucial if South Korea and Uruguay need to be separated by their fair play record, should they be tied on points, goal difference and goals scored.

15:39 , Dominic Booth

38 mins: Dalot continues to get plenty of joy down the right. He’s turned into some player, the United right-back, integral for Erik ten Hag these days.

His ex teammate Ronaldo gets involved in some nice interplay with Vitinha, but the flag does up to end that Portugese attack.

15:37 , Dominic Booth

35 mins: Vitinha lines up an adventurous volley from all of 25 yards after the ball bounced out from a Portugal corner.

The 22-year-old from PSG has been heavily involved so far today.

15:35 , Dominic Booth

33 mins: South Korea are properly in the mix for qualification, now. Uruguay have quickly gone 2-0 up against Ghana, which means one more Korean goal would allow them to take second place, providing Uruguay don’t score any more.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

15:33 , Dominic Booth

32 mins: A chorus of Lionel Messi’s name from the Korean fans...

They’re getting their digs in.

Ronaldo at fault

15:30 , Dominic Booth

29 mins: Cristiano Ronaldo waving his arms around, moaning at his teammates. Not quite sure who he’s going to blame for that when he sees a replay – definitely touched you this time, pal.

GOAL! South Korea 1-1 Portugal | Kim ‘28

15:28 , Dominic Booth

IT’S 1-1! A set piece does indeed cause a whole heap of troubles for Portugal, with Ronaldo sleeping defensive and Kim Young-Gwon stretches to sweep it home for a leveller.

15:27 , Dominic Booth

26 mins: All the South Korea play is coming through Son on the left – as it rightly should, since he’s their best player. They have a free-kick and a chance to deliver a dangerous boss into the mixer.

15:24 , Dominic Booth

23 mins: Again Dalot finds himself in acres of space on the Portugal right... his cross is too deep but it’s recycled from the left with Matheus looking for Ronaldo. It’s cleared away for a corner.

15:23 , Dominic Booth

22 mins: Of course Ghana have missed a penalty in the other game. Of course they have. Narrative, eh?

In this game, South Korea are starting to enjoy more of the ball.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

15:21 , Dominic Booth

20 mins: There’s a lack of quality to what Korea are doing in an attacking sense, so far.

No shortage of effort, though.

15:18 , Dominic Booth

17 mins: The ball is in the Portuguese net after a wonderful whipped delivery by Son causes all sorts of mayhem. The flicked header is just about saved by Diego Costa and the rebound is put in by left-back Kim Jin-Su.

He was rightly flagged offside.

15:16 , Dominic Booth

15 mins: Cancelo waltzes past a couple of challenges after a brilliant diagonal ball into him. Eventually the Man City star runs into traffic.

It’s 0-0 in the Ghana versus Uruguay game, by the way, which you can follow here. That would leave Ghana in second place.

15:15 , Dominic Booth

13 mins: Nice stuff from South Korea down their right through Hwang and Kim Moon-Hwan, but Portugal have been there to snuff out any slight moment of danger so far.

15:14 , Dominic Booth

11 mins: What was already a very difficult task for South Korea has just become almost impossible.

They’ve responded decently to the goal, but they must now score two or more to stand a chance of the last 16.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

15:09 , Dominic Booth

8 mins: South Korea will be fuming at themselves for the defending, there. It was so easy for Dalot to make headway down the right flank, and nobody tracked Horta.

GOAL! South Korea 0-1 Portugal | Horta ‘6

15:06 , Dominic Booth

Portugal are in front already! It’s Ricard Horta with the effort.

Excellent work from Dalot running down the right and he picks out the run of Horta, who can’t miss, scoring inside six minutes on his World Cup debut.

Ovation for Ronaldo

15:05 , Dominic Booth

Malik Ouzia in `Doha writes:

5 mins: A huge roar as Cristiano Ronaldo darts into the channel and gets his first touch. You get the sense that the average English football fan is a bit sick and tired of the bloke by now but he remains a monumental global star.

In fact, given how huge a celebrity Heung-min Son is in his homeland, you’ve probably got two of the planet’s most marketable footballers on the pitch here – which, I realise, is of no relevance whatsoever.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

15:04 , Dominic Booth

3 mins: One of the changes in midfield for Portugal was to bring in Vitinhia and he’s seen plenty of the ball early doors.

15:03 , Dominic Booth

2 mins: A scrappy and slow start. Korea need to make the running here.


15:00 , Dominic Booth

Here we go!

14:57 , Dominic Booth

It’s worth mentioning, as the teams come out for the anthems and usual preamble, that Cristiano Ronaldo is one goal away from equalling Eusebio’s Portugal World Cup record goal tally. Ronaldo has eight in World Cups. He’ll hope to stand alone on 10 or more by the end of this tournament and eclipse the great man.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

14:49 , Dominic Booth

It’s a very youthful Portugal team that Fernando Santos has fielded today. Well, apart from Ronaldo...

14:33 , Dominic Booth

Malik Ouzia in Doha writes:

Education City is only up the road from the Main Media Centre here in Doha, so I had a nice stroll up here a couple of hours ago and I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen so many fans going to a game with just one shirt number on their backs. Pretty much everyone in a replica in the ground has the No7, either for Cristiano Ronaldo or Heung-Min Son.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)


14:24 , Dominic Booth

No surprise to see the bookmakers install Portugal as odds-on favourites for this one, even with a rotated XI and with six points – and a spot in the last 16 – already in the bag.

Betfair: South Korea vs Portugal match odds

  • South Korea: 10/3

  • Draw: 14/5

  • Portugal: 5/6

Kim not risked

14:19 , Alex Young

South Korea’s Portuguese coach Paulo Bento has left out centre-back Kim Min-jae, who was an injury doubt, and replaced him with Kwon Kyung-won, while Lee Jae-sung and Lee Kang-in are drafted into midfield.

The Koreans, with one point so far, must beat Portugal and hope the result of Ghana’s match with Uruguay goes their way in order to reach the last 16.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Six changes for Portugal

14:12 , Alex Young

So, surprise surprise: Cristiano Ronaldo starts for Portugal.

The captain trained separately from the rest of the team this week but keeps his place as head coach Fernando Santos makes six changes to the side that beat Uruguay on Monday.

Portugal, needing only a draw to be sure of top spot in Group H and mindful of the risk of yellow-card suspensions in the next round, have brought Diogo Dalot, for and Antonio Silva into the defence for their World Cup debuts.

Matheus Nunes, Vitinha and Joao Mario come into the midfield in place of Bernardo Silva, William Carvalho and Bruno Fernandes - who scored twice in the 2-0 win over Uruguay - while Ricardo Horta replaces Joao Felix up front.

South Korea XI

14:02 , Alex Young

South Korea XI: Kim Seung-gyu, Kim Moon-hwan, Kwon Kyung-won, Kim Young-gwon, Kim Jin-su, Lee Jae-sung, Lee Kang-in, Jeong Woo-yeong, Hwang In-beom, Son Heung-min, Cho Gue-sung.

Portugal XI

13:51 , Alex Young

Cristiano Ronaldo starts (to the surprise of no one).

‘There is a plan for no Ronaldo'

13:38 , Alex Young

Portugal coach Fernando Santos on Thursday said that Cristiano Ronaldo's availability is still in question ahead today’s game.

The 37-year-old Portugal captain missed Wednesday's practice and stayed at the gym to do recovery and specific exercises and, with his team already through to the knock-out stages, he could be rested against South Korea even if fit.

"I think it is 50-50 if he plays or not, we'll see," Santos told a news conference.

"It will depend on if and how he practices today, if we see he is in good condition... There is a plan for if he is not available."

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Malik Ouzia checks in

13:23 , Alex Young

His swansong before flying home.

Prediction: Portugal to win

13:10 , Alex Young

Son and company have looked a little out of sorts in this tournament so far, failing to get going against Uruguay and leaving themselves with too much work to do against Ghana.

Santos may well ring the changes to rest some of his Portugal stars, but they have the squad depth that should mean they’ll have too much. Portugal to cruise to a third successive group victory and lay down something of a marker to their knockout stage rivals.

Standard Sport predicts: 2-0 Portugal

Portugal team news: Ronaldo a doubt

12:54 , Alex Young

Portugal could make changes, with Nuno Mendes a likely injury absentee after hobbling off in the Uruguay match. Danilo Pereira and Otavio are also likely to be unavailable with injuries.

Ronaldo himself is only rated as having a “50/50” chance of playing after an injury that has limited him in training this week, believed to be knee pain.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

South Korea team news: Na Sang-Ho in line for recall

12:47 , Alex Young

South Korea manager Paulo Bento – a former Portugal international himself – will be absent from the touchline for this one, after English referee Anthony Taylor showed him a red card after the final whistle against Ghana. Bento was unhappy that Taylor blew up for full-time before his team could take a corner.

On the pitch, Korea will surely recall Na Sang-Ho, who was dropped to the bench against Ghana.

 (ANP via Getty Images)
(ANP via Getty Images)

How to watch

12:36 , Alex Young

TV channel: Viewers in the UK can tune into South Korea versus Portugal live and for free on BBC One, with coverage starting at 2.30pm.

Live stream: The game will also be available to stream live online via the BBC Sport website and BBC iPlayer.


12:30 , Alex Young

Good afternoon and welcome to the Evening Standard’s LIVE coverage of the World Cup group game between South Korea and Portugal.

Kick off at the Education City Stadium is at 3pm GMT.

Stick with us.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)