Sports quiz of the week: Spain, Six Nations and John O’Shea

<span>The interim Republic of Ireland coach John O'Shea, <a class="link " href="" data-i13n="sec:content-canvas;subsec:anchor_text;elm:context_link" data-ylk="slk:Laia Codina;sec:content-canvas;subsec:anchor_text;elm:context_link;itc:0">Laia Codina</a> of <a class="link " href="" data-i13n="sec:content-canvas;subsec:anchor_text;elm:context_link" data-ylk="slk:Spain;sec:content-canvas;subsec:anchor_text;elm:context_link;itc:0">Spain</a>, Paolo Garbisi of Italy</span><span>Composite: Getty Images</span>
  1. Liverpool won the League Cup on Sunday for the 10th time, more than any other club. Which club has won the most FA Cups?

    1. Manchester City

    2. Arsenal

    3. Manchester United

    4. Liverpool

  2. Jürgen Klopp picked an inexperienced team for the final. The average age of the Liverpool lineup was 25.8 years old. How old was the Chelsea team?

    1. 23.9 years old

    2. 25.6 years old

    3. 27.4 years old

    4. 28.6 years old

  3. Immanuel Feyi-Waboso played for England against Scotland in the Six Nations on Saturday. Why is he not training with the squad this week?

    1. He has to play for his club this weekend – in New Zealand

    2. He has to sit an exam at Exeter University

    3. He is “reconsidering his future” after the defeat – he did not start the game so can still declare for another country

    4. He has signed for the Dallas Cowboys to play in the NFL

  4. Duhan van der Merwe scored a hat-trick of tries for Scotland on Saturday as they beat England in the Six Nations. His brother has also been on the winning side against England – for which country?

    1. Scotland

    2. Australia

    3. South Africa

    4. New Zealand

  5. There have been 369 matches in the Six Nations since Italy joined in 2000. How many have finished as draws?

    1. Three

    2. Eight

    3. 15

    4. 21

  6. A glove worn by Muhammad Ali when he fought Henry Cooper in 1963 is being sold at auction and the owner hopes it will fetch £500,000. Why is the glove so famous – and so expensive?

    1. It is the glove with which Ali achieved the first knockout of his career

    2. Ali signed the glove “Cassius Clay” after the fight – the last time he used that name in public

    3. The glove was lost for 50 years and grew in fame while missing. It was eventually found by a dog called Pickles

    4. It tore during the fight and needed to be replaced, apparently giving Ali precious time to recover when he was in trouble

  7. What do these six football matches have in common: the League Cup finals of 2019, 2022 and 2024, and the FA Cup finals of 2020, 2021 and 2022?

    1. They were all 0-0 at full time

    2. Chelsea lost them all

    3. They were all contested by Liverpool and Chelsea

    4. Liverpool won them all

  8. The Formula One season begins in Bahrain this weekend. It will be the longest in the history of the sport, with how many races?

    1. 19

    2. 21

    3. 24

    4. 26

  9. Erling Haaland scored five goals for Manchester City in their 6-2 win over Luton this week. Who was the last player to score six goals in an FA Cup match?

    1. Alan Shearer

    2. George Best

    3. Dion Dublin

    4. Luther Blissett

  10. Blackburn Rovers were knocked out of the FA Cup by Newcastle this week. What did Blackburn do in the Cup in the 1880s that has never been done since?

    1. They won the FA Cup by winning every round on penalties

    2. They won an FA Cup final 10-0

    3. They won the Cup three years in a row

    4. They won the FA Cup on the toss of a coin

  11. Wigan won the World Club Challenge on Saturday night. It’s the fifth time they have won the trophy, matching a record set by which club?

    1. Sydney Roosters

    2. St Helens

    3. Brisbane Broncos

    4. Leeds Rhinos

  12. The NRL season kicks off this weekend with a double-header of Sydney Roosters v Brisbane Broncos and Manly Warringah Sea Eagles v South Sydney Rabbitohs. Where will the games be played?

    1. London

    2. Las Vegas

    3. Lisbon

    4. Liverpool

  13. Why have the women's cycling team Cynisca been fined and suspended?

    1. They put urine into a rival's water bottle

    2. They dressed up one of their mechanics to pose as a cyclist so they could take part in a race

    3. They were caught dropping nails on to the road before a race

    4. They were caught letting air out of rival teams' tyres

  14. Spain won the Women’s Nations League this week. Who did they beat in the final?

    1. England

    2. France

    3. Portugal

    4. Sweden

  15. The Hearts player Lawrence Shankland scored a penalty against Hibs on Wednesday night. What happened next?

    1. He ran off the pitch and left the ground after hearing his wife had gone into labour

    2. He broke down in tears as he is a diehard Hibs fan

    3. A Hibs fan threw a pie at him, he took a bite of it and then threw it back

    4. He told the referee he had touched the ball twice so the goal should be ruled out

  16. John O’Shea will manage the Republic of Ireland football team for their next two matches. Only two players have won more caps for the country than O’Shea. Who?

    1. Roy Keane and Paul McGrath

    2. Steve Staunton and Niall Quinn

    3. Kevin Kilbane and James McClean

    4. Robbie Keane and Shay Given

  17. The World Athletics Indoor Championship takes place in Glasgow this weekend. Unlike the Olympics, the indoor event features the 60-metre sprint. What is the world record in the men's event?

    1. 5.88

    2. 5.55

    3. 6.34

    4. 7.01


1:B - Arsenal have won the FA Cup 14 times. Ashley Cole has won it more than any other player. , 2:A - Chelsea started and finished the game with a younger team than Liverpool. By the end of the match, their average age had dropped to 22.6 years, compared to 24.1 for Liverpool. Reports of “Klopp’s kids” were a little exaggerated., 3:B - The 21-year-old is studying medicine., 4:C - Akker van der Merwe was in the South Africa team when they beat England 23-12 in 2018., 5:B - Italy’s 13-13 draw with France at the weekend was the first since England and Scotland contested a sensational 38-38 draw in 2019., 6:D - Cooper knocked Ali down in the fourth; the glove was replaced in the interval; and Ali won the fight in the fifth. Did he need to buy time? We will never know., 7:B - Chelsea have lost the last six finals they have played at Wembley., 8:C - The season begins in Bahrain in March and ends in Abu Dhabi in December., 9:B - George Best scored six when Manchester United beat Northampton Town 8-2 in 1970. The performance earned him an invitation to Downing Street to meet prime minister Harold Wilson, who was a big fan and reportedly wrote fan mail to Best in his youth., 10:C - Strangely enough, they beat a Scottish team in the first two of those finals., 11:A - Spare a thought for the losers on Saturday night, Penrith Panthers, who have played in the fixture four times without ever being crowned champions., 12:B - Russell Crowe has recorded a short video to explain the rules of the game to American viewers., 13:B - Cynisca did not have enough fit riders to compete in the Belgium Argenta Classic so asked a mechanic to wear "rider’s clothes and a face mask" and "present herself at the start and sign the start sheet as the team’s fifth rider". The team has been fined and given a suspension. , 14:B - They won the final 2-0 in Seville., 15:C - The Hearts manager, Steven Naismith, later condemned the “idiots” who threw a host of objects at the striker – reportedly including a bottle opener, a lighter and a pair of Apple AirPods. , 16:D - Robbie Keane holds the record for most caps (146) and most goals (68)., 17:C - The 60 metres was an Olympic event in 1900 and 1904 but was dropped from the schedule. Christian Coleman holds the men's world record with a time of 6.34 seconds, while Irina Privalova holds the women's world record at 6.92.


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