SSC Interscholastic Meet Winners Announced

Apr. 3—Students from 28 schools across the state competed in Seminole State College's 50th annual Interscholastic Meet on March 28. Nearly 600 students attended the event.

Individual entries were separated into two divisions. Division I was composed of students from schools classified as 3A, 4A and 5A. Students from 2A and A class schools competed in Division II.

Exams were administered to students in 12 different subject areas during morning and early-afternoon testing sessions. Four art categories were offered as well: sculpture, painting, drawing and best in show. The top three winners within each subject were awarded medals.

A trophy was awarded to the top school in each division based on accumulation of points and medal placing. Preston High School was the Division I Sweepstakes Champion. This year the runner-up was Morris High School. In Division II, Paden High School was the Sweepstakes Champion, and Bowlegs High School clinched runner-up.

The final results for the top five students in each subject area for Division I were:

Algebra 1

Austin Brown of Bethel — First

Hope Birdwell of Prague — Second

Arena Wells of Stratford — Third

Ryan Huynh of Morris — Fourth

Matthew Sharp of Bethel — Fifth

American History

Luke Smith of Preston — First

Van Risner of Ada — Second

Jayden Herring of Preston — Third

Samantha Stewart of Wynnewood — Fourth

Gage Dixon of Morris — Fifth

American Literature

Keyton Tiger-Harjo of Morris — First

Natalie Gehring of Morris — Second

Chris Crow of Preston — Third

Preston Stanfill of Seminole — Fourth

Kylie Gray of Wynnewood — Fifth


Tate Danielson of Ada — First

Bodie Lancaster of Vanoss — Second

Evan Stone of Morris — Third

Maddox Flud — Fourth

Becci Boughner of Bethel — Fifth


Ean Merrill of Morris — First

Morgan McCart of Bethel — Second

Kashtin Wilson of Prague — Third

George Shaw of Pawhuska — Fourth

Colson Hall of Holdenville — Fifth


Blaisen Newport of Preston — First

Aiden Ayers of Holdenville — Second

Van Risner of Ada — Third

Ben Martin of Bethel — Fourth

Edmund Boyles of Holdenville — Fifth

Computer Science

Nathaniel Crowell of Ada — First

Payton Norton of Seminole — Second

Camrun Scott of Morris — Third

Zander Sloan of Ada — Fourth

Noah Smith of Holdenville — Fifth

English Literature

Thomas Hurst of Preston — First

Tyler Hammons of Vanoss — Second

Chris Crow of Preston — Third

Denver Jobe of Morris — Fourth

Ricardo Charqueno of Latta — Fifth

General Business

Aiden Ayers of Holdenville — First

Easton Shaw of Preston — Second

Rafael Charqueno of Latta — Third

Ricardo Charqueno of Latta — Fourth

Braden Ramirez of Morris — Fifth

Geometry (Plane)

Reese Ellison of Latta — First

Maddox Flud of Preston — Second

Kenzie Hooser of Ada — Third

Wyatt Morris of Vanoss — Fourth

Katelyn Estes of Stratford — Fifth

Oklahoma History

Mckinley McGirt — First

Stephen Mangum of Preston — Second

Samuel Criner of Preston — Third

Van Risner of Ada — Fourth

Gage Dixon — Fifth


Ean Merrill of Morris — First

Thomas Hurst of Preston — Second

Jayden Herring of Preston — Third

Camrun Scott of Morris — Fourth

Cody Simmons of Stratford — Fifth

The final results for the top three students in each Division I art category were:


Amyah Galloway of Tecumseh — First

Katelyn Estes of Stratford — Second

Makenzi Stiles of Tecumseh — Third


Polly Stone of Bethel — First

Katie Temple of Vanoss — Second

Maya Fletcher of Tecumseh — Third


Harley Scott of Tecumseh — First

Chrystian House of Tecumseh — Second

Madison Grey of Tecumseh — Third

Best of Show

Isabella Theinam of Bethel — Painting Category

Keagan Bellefebuille of Latta — Drawing Category

Jasmine Ransom of Seminole — Sculpture Category

The final results for the top five students in each subject area for Division II were:

Algebra 1

John McVeigh of Paden — First

Paytyn McCurry of Mason — Second

Payton Fisher of Strother — Third

Rylie Pendergraff of Agra — Fourth

Anderson Winningham of Calvin — Fifth

American History

Grace Dunagan of Bowlegs — First

Coley Keesee of New Lima — Second

Joshua Branscum of Bowlegs — Third

Garrett Smith of Agra — Fourth

Anthony Hancock of Agra — Fifth

American Literature

Grace Dunagan of Bowlegs — First

Jacob Martin of Stuart — Second

Tanner Johnson of Konawa — Third

Bartlett Patterson — Fourth

Aaron Haughton of Agra — Fifth


Christine Tubbesing of Asher — First

Jacen Lyon of Paden — Second

Joel Wadkins of New Lima — Third

Logan Heard of New Lima — Fourth

Peter Hang of Paden — Fifth


Keagan Bell of Konawa — First

Skye Matlock of Mason — Second

Sophia Clanton of Paden — Third

Vincent Greenfield of Agra — Fourth

Gunnar Lehman of Asher — Fifth


Zack Luker of Stuart — First

Logan Heard of New Lima — Second

Jacob Atkinson of Asher — Third

Keagan Bell of Konawa — Fourth

Landen Dodge of Asher — Fifth

Computer Science

Levi McGowin of Dewar — First

Anthony Hancock of Agra — Second

Coley Keesee of New Lima — Third

Lyra Dyer of Paden — Fourth

Joelyna Shands of Mason — Fifth

English Literature

Victoria Clanton of Paden — First

Dillon Sullivan of Bowlegs — Second

Ashlynn McMillan of Varnum — Third

Brooklyn Johnson of Konawa — Fourth

Rivera Jimenez of Macomb — Fifth

General Business

Victoria Clanton of Paden — First

Payton Fisher of Strother — Second

Kannon Anderson of Dewar — Third

Nevin Corbin of Dewar — Fourth

Abigail Little of Asher — Fifth

Geometry (Plane)

Sophia Clanton of Paden — First

Kyle Wheeler of Strother — Second

Noah Glasgow of Strother — Third

Sam Plummer of Agra — Fourth

Keelie Treat of Stuart — Fifth

Oklahoma History

Karli Johnson of New Lima — First

Marley Taylor of Bowlegs — Second

MaryBeth Dunagan of Bowlegs — Third

Xavier Martinez of Varnum — Fourth

Riley West of Stuart — Fifth


Sean Baker of Wayne — First

Brisli Gutierrez of Moss — Second

Alexis Johnston of Asher — Third

Coley Keesee of New Lima — Fourth

Wyatt Martin of Agra — Fifth

The top students in each art area for Division II were:


Chasity Viles of Konawa — First

Kiara Russell of Stuart — Second

Brooklyn Johnson of Konawa — Third


Victoria Clanton of Paden — First

Jessica Sneed of Strother — Second

Alexis Martin of Strother — Third


Sophia Clanton of Paden — First

Victoria Clanton of Paden — Second

Madison Yeabanks of Strother — Third

Best of Show

Sophia Clanton of Paden — Painting Category

Selbi Annakorbavova of Mason — Drawing Category

Emma Lloyd of Dewar — Sculpture Category