‘Super happy’ PFL season newcomer Mads Burnell explains excitement for fight schedule, new weight class

LAS VEGAS – Mads Burnell is just days away from beginning a new fighting experience and couldn’t be happier about the future.

Burnell (18-5), who fought under the Bellator fighter from 2020-23, switched to PFL after it acquired the promotion. While some things will remain the same, such as some familiar faces behind the scenes, but when it comes to business inside the cage, there will be several differences for the Danish fighter.

“I’m excited about it,” Burnell told reporters at a media scrum at XTreme Couture. “The only difference is that now you kind of know when you’re fighting and stuff like that. I’m super happy about that. That’s actually why when I heard they were going to merge, I was like I need to get in that. If you fight for UFC, Bellator, or whatever, it can be a little inconsistent when you’re fighting. But here, you know when and where to fight, so it’s super cool.”

For the PFL season format, Burnell will also be making the move from featherweight to lightweight. He is aware that cutting weight so often is not a wise decision due to its negative effects on his performance.

“Now I got to make weight so often, and the last four or five times making ’45 have been super, super tough,” Burnell said. “So, I think it’s natural progression. When I started fighting, I was 19. I was walking around like 163, 164 soaking wet. I just turned 30 like two weeks ago, and the weight is a little different than it was when I was 19. I became a man, so it’s only natural progression I’m going up a weight class.”

Burnell’s new journey begins at 2024 PFL 2 on April 12, when he faces Michael Dufort (12-4) for his first regular season bout. He will be looking to extend his two-fight streak in what he hopes will be the first of many entertaining fights going forward.

“For me, it’s like I’m in this because I want to put on exciting fights,” Burnell said. “When it’s all said and done, I want the up-and-comers to look at me how I was looking at the (Arturo) Gatti, (Micky) Ward’s, the (Evander) Holyfield’s, stuff like that.  The million is just the cherry on top, but this just gives me extra opportunity to put on exciting fights, knowing when I’m fighting – it’s perfect.”

Story originally appeared on MMA Junkie