Thomasville meets in Red and Gold game ahead of matchup with Dooly

May 7—THOMASVILLE — On Friday evening, as the sun beat down on the turf inside Veterans Memorial Stadium, the Thomasville Bulldogs took the field for their Red and Gold game. For the Bulldogs, the spring was all about connection. Forming a bond from player to player, coach to player and coach to coach.

"I feel really good about where we are both football wise and connection wise," said Thomasville head football coach Jonathan DeLay. "These kids, they really love to play together, they love to be around each other and they're really good football players."

There were standouts in the game as Nigel Pittman showed off his ability on both sides of the ball. Pittman came down with two interceptions in the game and caught another pass for a touchdown. DeLay was sure to credit running backs Leeland Chapman and Ant Anderson, who had a solid day running the ball.

Quarterback Cam Hill looked very good on the day. He completed several passes including a 20-plus-yard strike for a touchdown. Hill seemed to carry himself with a bit more confidence and seemed far more comfortable in the pocket than he did last season.

"The ball is coming out of his hand different than it did the last game of the season," DeLay said.

Coach DeLay was quick to praise his offensive and defensive lines, talking about the o-lines ability to produce in the run and pass game and the d-line's ability to outwork anyone and "getting after it."

As Friday's spring game against Dooly quickly approaches, the goal for Thomasville is to come together. The split-squad scrimmages can be effective and fun, but it's important to play as a team. One unit with one goal. To win.

"This Friday night we are going to play as Thomasville football," DeLay said. "I'm looking to see all of those pieces come together and how we compliment each other on the offensive side of the ball. Then defensively, how physical we can be stopping the run and when the ball goes in the air, running to it and taking the ball. Those are the things that I think I'm going to see and that's what we're trying to get to this Friday night. I want to just go and see us play as one, play as a connected unit that loves each other and goes out and makes big plays."

Dooly will be a good test for Thomasville to gauge what they may see in the fall. With the new reclassification, the Bulldogs have been moves to A-D1. While the Bobcats are in Division 2, they were in Division 1 last season, where they won their region and made it to the elite eight before being knocked out of the playoffs by eventual champion Bowdon. A good Single-A team is the perfect gauge for Thomasville and they prepare for the fall.