Treat yourself to gourmet ice cream at home with these fun hacks

Ice cream weather is officially here, so we’re showing you easy ways to make gourmet-quality ice cream snacks at home in this episode of ITK: Kitchen Hacks. These three tricks will level up your ice cream game with chocolate-dipped cones, edible sundae bowls and more tasty ideas. Serve your friends a sundae in style, or simply enjoy a frozen treat for yourself. Here are our favorite ice cream hacks:

Ice Cream Hack 1: Chocolate Sprinkle Bowls

Say goodbye to boring, inedible ice cream dishes and make one with chocolate and sprinkles. Dip an inflated balloon in melted chocolate, then dip it into a bowl of sprinkles. Place it on a lined sheet tray and chill. Once it has set, pop the balloon, and your chocolate sprinkle bowl is complete!

Ice Cream Hack 2: DIY Chocolate Shell

Add two cups of semi-sweet chocolate chips and ¼ cup of coconut oil to a microwave-safe bowl and melt in the microwave. Stir until the mixture is barely warm, and pour it over ice cream. Let it harden, and then add toppings.

Ice Cream Hack 3: Dipped ice cream cones

Dip a sugar cone into chocolate, then dip it into sprinkles, candies, nuts or coconut flakes. Set it in a BLBYHO Gold-Tone Ice Cream Cone Stand and let cool before scooping in ice cream and serving with added toppings.

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