Umm, quick question: Is a leg supposed to look like this?

Look, there’s not a hell of a lot we can really say about this.

We’re showing you a horrifyingly nasty image of a leg that has been bruised beyond true comprehension for most of us. You’ve been warned.

(And our headline? There is an understood and very rhetorical “Nope – sure ain’t” attached to the end of it.)

Takeru Segawa lost his bantamweight kickboxing title to Superlek Kiatmoo9 by unanimous decision Sunday at ONE Championship 165 in Tokyo. Takeru posted a photo on Instagram that showed him on crutches with his left leg heavily bandaged – and one of his upper leg almost entirely purple from Superlek’s kicks.

Takeru thanked fans for their support and said he will take a break to regroup. But the way that leg looks … Sheesh. A break seems like the least he could do for it.


Story originally appeared on MMA Junkie