US Open 2022 LIVE: Andy Murray beats Francisco Cerundolo in straight sets to reach second round

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Andy Murray in action during the first round of the US Open (Getty Images)
Andy Murray in action during the first round of the US Open (Getty Images)

Andy Murray made a positive start to his US Open campaign with a straight-sets victory over 24th seed Francisco Cerundolo in New York.

The 35-year-old went into the tournament having only won one match on the North American hard courts this season and with concerns over persistent cramping but this proved to be a relatively straightforward outing in humid conditions.

Argentinian Cerundolo has won the majority of his ranking points on clay and Murray had to grind his way through plenty of long rallies on his way to a 7-5 6-3 6-3 victory, with the only real negative a failure to serve out all three sets.

Andy Murray vs Francisco Cerundolo

  • Andy Murray begins his US Open campaign against 24th seed Francisco Cerundolo

  • Murray clinches draining first set 7-5

  • Murray takes second set 6-3 to close in on victory

  • Murray closes out straight sets win 7-5, 6-3, 6-3

Andy Murray sweeps past 24th seed Francisco Cerundolo in US Open first round

19:21 , Lawrence Ostlere

We leave you with the full report from New York as Murray goes through to the second round:

Andy Murray sweeps past 24th seed Francisco Cerundolo in US Open first round

Andy Murray into the second round

19:00 , Lawrence Ostlere

Next up for Murray will be either Australia’s John Millman or the 20-year-old American Emilio Nava.

Andy Murray speaks

18:59 , Lawrence Ostlere

“It felt like five sets to me! It was very tricky conditions out here, very humid, I had to play well against a player who has had a great season.”

He says it’s great to have Ivan Lendl in the box supporting him, after being asked about their exchange of glances and comments during the match.

On the 10-year anniversary of his 2012 US Open victory, Murray says: “It seems a long time ago, it was a huge moment for me getting my first grand slam.”

Game, set, match! Andy Murray 7-5, 6-3, 6-3 Francisco Cerundolo

18:54 , Lawrence Ostlere

Andy Murray sweeps through the game to seal the deal, and shares a long chat with Cerundolo at the net, presumably offering some encouraging words to a young player with plenty more to offer in the future.

Andy Murray 7-5, 6-3, 5-3 *Francisco Cerundolo

18:50 , Lawrence Ostlere

Andy Murray looks a little bothered by the sun which is now streaming into his eyes as he serves. He loses the first two points of the game meekly before firing back with a powerful forehand down the line to get to 15-30. An excellent serve sets up a simple winner to make it 30-all, but Cerundolo then wins an entertaining rally to earn a break point, and sees it out, too, to break.

*Andy Murray 7-5, 6-3, 5-2 Francisco Cerundolo

18:43 , Lawrence Ostlere

Cerundolo fights well, getting to the net and volleying a winner to bring up 30-all before Murray slices a backhand into the net, and another error from the former US Open champion gives his opponent one more game on the board. Murray will serve for the match.

*denotes next to serve.

Andy Murray 7-5, 6-3, 5-1 *Francisco Cerundolo

18:40 , Lawrence Ostlere

Murray gets to 40-30 before a Cerundolo error cedes the game, and the Argentine will serve to stay in the match.

*denotes next to serve.

*Andy Murray 7-5, 6-3, 4-1 Francisco Cerundolo

18:34 , Lawrence Ostlere

The pair exchange a long series of backhands before Murray drags one wide to gift Cerundolo the first point on his serve. Murray makes an almost identical mistake a moment later as Cerundolo moves to 30-15, and eventually they muddle their way to deuce with some fairly uninspiring stuff, before Cerundolo swings wildly at a forehand which goes long, to give up another break.

*denotes next to serve.

Andy Murray 7-5, 6-3, 3-1 *Francisco Cerundolo

18:26 , Lawrence Ostlere

Murray wastes no time rushing through his own service game to preserve his single break advantage in the third.

*denotes next to serve.

*Andy Murray 7-5, 6-3, 2-1 Francisco Cerundolo

18:25 , Lawrence Ostlere

Cerundolo earns a game back to get on the board in this third set, with a surprisingly comfortable hold to 15.

*denotes next to serve.

Andy Murray 7-5, 6-3, 2-0 *Francisco Cerundolo

18:18 , Lawrence Ostlere

Murray wins the second game and is cruising here at the Louis Armstrong Stadium. Elsewhere Britain’s Kyle Edmund is up against French Open finallist Casper Ruud, who is a break up in the first set.

*denotes next to serve.

Andy Murray* 7-5, 6-3, 1-0 Francisco Cerundolo

18:09 , Lawrence Ostlere

Some early mistakes by Cerundolo sees Murray quickly earn a break point, but he launches a forehand long to make it deuce. Cerundolo hits the net to give up another break point, and this time it is the 24-seed who hits long, giving Murray an early break.

*denotes next to serve.

Murray wins the second set! Andy Murray 7-5, 6-3 *Francisco Cerundolo

18:02 , Lawrence Ostlere

A couple of unforced errors allow Murray to race into a 30-0 lead before Cerundolo pulls a point back. But Murray slams an unreturnable serve down the T to earn himself two set points, and he only needs one as the Argentine hits a backhand wide.

*denotes next to serve.

Andy Murray* 7-5, 5-3 Francisco Cerundolo

18:00 , Lawrence Ostlere

Cerundolo holds, and Murray will have another chance to serve for the second set.

*denotes next to serve.

Andy Murray 7-5, 5-2 *Francisco Cerundolo

17:53 , Lawrence Ostlere

Much better, this, by Cerundolo. Perhaps that ace at the end of the previous game jolted him a little because he comes out firing in this game, bringing an error from Murray to win the first point before dominating the second from the baseline which he wraps up with a powerful crosscourt winner. Murray saves one break point but can’t repeat the trick, and Cerundolo deservedly breaks back.

*denotes next to serve.

Andy Murray* 7-5, 5-1 Francisco Cerundolo

17:47 , Lawrence Ostlere

Cerundolo gets 15-0 but then drops in a double-fault – the Argentine 24th seed is a talented player but his fundamentals seem to have deserted him in this set. He does at least manage to muddle through this game, finishing with an ace, to get a game on the board.

*denotes next to serve.

Andy Murray 7-5, 5-0 *Francisco Cerundolo

17:45 , Lawrence Ostlere

Excellent again from Murray, clinically serving out another game to 15 to move within one more of a two-set lead.

*denotes next to serve.

Andy Murray* 7-5, 4-0 Francisco Cerundolo

17:43 , Lawrence Ostlere

Murray’s backhand return is flowing and he powers to another break of serve, to 30.

*denotes next to serve.

Andy Murray 7-5, 3-0 *Francisco Cerundolo

17:36 , Lawrence Ostlere

A lovely crosscourt pass on the run earns Cerundolo the first point of the game but he lets Murray back to 30-30 with a slap into the net, and looks frustrated. Murray gets over the line to back up his break.

*denotes next to serve.

Andy Murray* 7-5, 2-0 Francisco Cerundolo

17:29 , Lawrence Ostlere

Murray races to 0-40 against a now wounded-looking Cerundolo wilting in the heat, before a thrilling rally which ends with Murray rushing to the net and dumping a volley on to his own toes. But a moment later it’s game as Murray pounces on a weak second serve and batters it deep, which the Argentine can only chop into the net. A quick break in this second set, and Murray now has real control.

*denotes next to serve.

Andy Murray 7-5, 1-0 Francisco Cerundolo

17:26 , Lawrence Ostlere

A quick hold for Murray to get the first set up and running, helped by a couple of unforced errors by Cerundolo.

Andy Murray 7-5 Francisco Cerundolo

17:20 , Luke Baker

Both players went off court after that hour-long opening set. It’s incredibly humid at Flushing Meadows, so a shirt change is definitely in order for the players.

A remarkable first set and it feels vitally important that Murray won it. You’d think the younger Cerundolo would have the advantage if the match goes deep

*Andy Murray 7-5 Francisco Cerundolo - MURRAY WINS THE FIRST SET

17:13 , Luke Baker

Cerundolo goes long for 0-15 and then does likewise after a decent return on a slow-ish second serve from Murray. 0-30 and the Brit has half a chance here.

Brilliant defensive net play from Cerundolo! Digs out a low volley off a backhand pass by Murray before getting a ball fired straight at him back in play and then finishing the point with a tricky overhead smash. The next point is simpler for the server and suddenly it’s 30-30.

Murray being worked round the court but a third forehand error of the game from Cerundolo as he slides one just wide brings up SET POINT MURRAY! A look at a second serve... And it’s a DOUBLE FAULT! Oh wow! Horrible way to lose it for Cerundolo but


*denotes next to serve

Andy Murray 6-5 Francisco Cerundolo*

17:11 , Luke Baker

A champion’s response by Andy Murray! After the disappointment of squandering a 5-2 lead including failing to serve out the opening set and then the madness of that 10th game, he thunders through a service hold to love.

Big serving and powerful groundstrokes take him to 6-5. Can he break Cerundolo here to pinch the set and avoid a tiebreak?

*denotes next to serve

*Andy Murray 5-5 Francisco Cerundolo

17:08 , Luke Baker

Can Murray respond to that disappointment? A lovely double-hand backhand return helps him win the opening point before a remarkable point follows! Murray in control after a net cord but Cerundolo battles well and wins the point with an overhead smash.

Murray is unhappy though, he claims there was a double bounce when Cerundolo stretched to reach a gorgeous drop volley. Replays on the big screen suggest Murray may be right but the umpire can’t overturn it. However, CERUNDOLO CONCEDES THE POINT IN A GREAT SHOW OF SPORTMANSHIP. Murray gives him a thumbs up in appreciation - fair play to the Argentine.

He’s immediately rewarded karma-wise as two great points level the game at 30-30 and a slightly shanked backhand makes it 40-30 as Murray can’t return. But then a backhand cross-court strike by Murray juuuust clips the outside of the line. Cerundolo looks disbelieving but hawkeye confirms and it’s deuce.

What a game this is! Cerundolo brings up advantage before another epic point! Lengthy rally, momentum swings back and forth, Murray battles hard but the ball flies long.

After all of that, Cerundolo wins the game to make it 5-5 from 5-2 down!

*denotes next to serve

Andy Murray 5-4 Francisco Cerundolo* - CERUNDOLO BREAKS BACK

16:58 , Luke Baker

Perfect start from Murray as he bangs an ace down the ‘t’ but immediately counters that with a double fault. Then an uncharacteristic miss as he puts a pretty simple overhead forehand wide. Head in hands for the Brit as he slips to 15-30.

He then decelerates through a forehand which dies into the net and brings up TWO BREAK POINTS for Cerundolo. A long rally, solid exchanges from the baseline but Murray is moved a bit wide and puts a backhand wide.


*denotes next to serve

*Andy Murray 5-3 Francisco Cerundolo

16:54 , Luke Baker

Lots of head-shaking from Cerundolo and he quickly slips to 15-30. A chance for Murray to finish this set here without serving it out?

Close! A forehand down the line by the Brit goes just wide to relinquish the advantage and a powerful backhand set up by a well-constructed point gives the Argentine game point. That’s class though! Cross-court forehand winner gives Cerundolo no chance. Deuce.

Fair play though - a big serve down the ‘t’ before a clean ace complete the hold. Murray will have to serve this out.

*denotes next to serve

Andy Murray 5-2 Francisco Cerundolo*

16:48 , Luke Baker

What a start to a vital game for Murray as he digs out a backhand half-volley from on his toes following a good passing attempt by Cerundolo. Absolutely incredible touch to get that in the court.

A frustrated Cerundolo nets a backhand before a big first serve brings up game point for the Brit which he duly takes when his opponent lashes long. A clean hold to 15 and he’s on the brink of taking the opening set.

*denotes next to serve

*Andy Murray 4-2 Francisco Cerundolo

16:44 , Luke Baker

More often than not, Murray is dictating the rallies from the baseline and moving Cerundolo around the court with varying angles and depth of stroke.

The Argentine battling hard though and there’s a roar of frustration from the Brit as he drop to 40-15 before a backhand down the line is narrowly wide, allowing the seed to hold serve. Big game coming up for Murray.

*denotes next to serve

Andy Murray 4-1 Francisco Cerundolo*

16:39 , Luke Baker

Murray is starting to stamp his authority on this match. Cerundolo has started to mutter to himself darkly between points and smacks a return miles out, although a well-constructed point and put-away volley gives him a glimmer at 40-30.

A big Murray serve is unreturned though and the Brit in control of the set at 4-1 as we change ends again.

*denotes next to serve

*Andy Murray 3-1 Francisco Cerundolo - MURRAY BREAKS

16:35 , Luke Baker

A strong return at 15-15 puts Murray in position at 15-30 and he then brings up two BREAK POINTS! He’s on the back foot as Cerundolo moves him around the court but great defence by the Brit, rolling back the years, keeps him in it, he reads a drop shot and finishes the point with an overhead.

MURRAY BREAKS CERUNDOLO AGAIN! A great recovery after that opening game.

*denotes next to serve

Andy Murray 2-1 Francisco Cerundolo*

16:29 , Luke Baker

The match passes the 15-minute mark early in the third game. This feels like it will be a battle out there. As if to prove that, a long rally at 15-15 ends with Murray putting away a tough, delicate overhead ‘smash’ just inside the line. Great touch!

Ooof! Cerundolo steps in and crunches a clean forehand winner cross court from the second serve for 30-30 but two groundstrokes into the net see Murray hold. The first hold of the match from either man.

*denotes next to serve

*Andy Murray 1-1 Francisco Cerundolo - MURRAY BREAKS BACK

16:24 , Luke Baker

Cerundolo isn’t the biggest server on tour but he gets one to rear up at Murray to move to 30-15 before a wide serve and powerful groundstroke brings up game point.

An ill-advised drop shot hits the net to bring Murray closer and the Brit then dominates a baseline rally for deuce. Good work from the Brit.

Gorgeous! A lovely backhand pass gives him BREAK POINT and off the Cerundolo second serve, he forces an error as his opponent nets. MURRAY BREAKS BACK!

*denotes next to serve

Andy Murray 0-1 Francisco Cerundolo* - CERUNDOLO BREAKS MURRAY!

16:15 , Luke Baker

Good baseline rally on the first point of the match that ends with Murray slicing a backhand long. Positive response from the Brit as he wins the next lengthy rally for 15-15 before two unreturned serves bring up game point.

Nice tennis from Cerundolo and a neat forehand volley saves him one of those points before Murray nets a backhand to bring up deuce.

Strong return from Cerundolo and that’s BREAK POINT. Murray comes into the net but volleys long and CERUNDOLO BREAKS SERVE in the opening game. Not ideal for Murray from 40-15.

*denotes next to serve

Andy Murray 0-0 Francisco Cerundolo

16:10 , Luke Baker

Time called. We’re about to get underway on Louis Armstrong. Murray will serve first

*denotes next to serve

Andy Murray vs Francisco Cerundolo

16:08 , Luke Baker

So who is Francisco Cerundolo?

He’s a talented, 24-year-old Argentine who is making his first appearance at a US Open. He reached the semi-finals in Miami recently and is up to the top 30 in the world now.

He’s lost every match in which he’s faced a Brit this season though. Let’s hope that record holds!

Andy Murray vs Francisco Cerundolo

16:07 , Luke Baker

The players are warming up now. It’s about 28 degrees in New York with 68 per cent humidity - worryingly these are the sort of conditions Murray has been cramping in this summer.

He’s tried to solve these issues but can’t get to the bottom of them. Hopefully they won’t rear their head today.

Andy Murray vs Francisco Cerundolo

16:02 , Luke Baker

Andy Murray will be walking on to court shortly. Argentine 24th seed Francisco Cerundolo - a talented young player - is his opponent. Not an easy start at all for the Brit and he was suffering with cramp at his last tournament in Cincinatti.

Can Murray pull out the win?

Serena and Venus Williams to team up for doubles at US Open

15:57 , Luke Baker

Serena Williams will play doubles with sister Venus at the US Open after the pair were awarded a wild card.

The US Open is set to be the final tournament of Serena’s career, and she is giving herself two shots at success.

The Williams sisters have a remarkable record of winning all 14 of the grand slam doubles finals they have contested but the last one was back in 2016 at Wimbledon, and they have not played a slam together since the French Open four years ago.

Serena and Venus Williams to team up for doubles at US Open

Emma Raducanu taking ‘positive signs’ into US Open return after testing year since unexpected victory

15:53 , Luke Baker

Emma Raducanu admits she had no idea how winning the US Open would affect her tennis, but hopes she has found the right formula again.

The 19-year-old stunned the sporting world 12 months ago as her aggressive approach propelled her to the title without dropping a set.

Raducanu vowed afterwards to keep the same free-swinging attitude, but now accepts that was much easier said than done with expectations sky high and attention on her every move.

She told the PA news agency: “I think looking back I can say there’s been many months in the year since that I haven’t actually been swinging freely.

“It’s very easy at the time but, when you have absolutely no idea what’s about to hit you, to say something like that, I was still on that energy from those two weeks. Obviously a lot of stuff has happened since.”

Emma Raducanu taking ‘positive signs’ into US Open return after testing year

Cameron Norrie keen to build on Wimbledon exploits at US Open

15:48 , Luke Baker

Cameron Norrie is looking to build on his breakthrough Wimbledon run by seizing his opportunity at the US Open.

The British number one achieved another landmark in what has been an exceptional 18 months by reaching his first grand slam semi-final at the All England Club last month.

And Norrie goes into the year’s final slam buoyed by more strong performances on the north American hard courts, reaching the final of an ATP Tour event in Mexico and then the semi-finals in Cincinnati last week.

One of Norrie’s big strengths is his level-headed approach, and he said of his Wimbledon achievements: “It was a lot of fun but I don’t think (my life) has changed at all. I had the weekend there and then I left and I was preparing for the hard-court season, the best part of my season.

“It was a big goal at the start of the year to make the second week for the first time and to do that and go a couple further was obviously great and to play the level that I did in those rounds beyond that was very cool.”

Cameron Norrie keen to build on Wimbledon exploits at US Open

Impact of Serena Williams is seen through the generation who carry her legacy

15:42 , Luke Baker

As the US Open prepares to say goodbye to Serena Williams, Naomi Osaka was succinct in summing up why whatever tributes and send-offs that are planned will still not be nearly enough, writes Jamie Braidwood.

“You can’t even describe it in words,” Osaka said when asked about the legacy left behind by one of sport’s greatest ever figures, ahead of what is expected to be Williams’s final tournament in New York this week.

It is true – how can you? Especially if, like for the 24-year-old Osaka, the image of Williams and her sister Venus being at the top of tennis is all you have known. Perhaps, then, the best way to view the transformational impact of Williams, on the sport and on and off the court, is through the generation of players who have followed in her lead.

Read Jamie’s full preview of the women’s draw here:

Impact of Serena Williams is seen through the generation who carry her legacy

Serena Williams hailed by rivals as stars pay tribute ahead of US Open swansong

15:37 , Luke Baker

Serena Williams’ fellow players have been queuing up to praise her impact on and off the court ahead of her farewell to tennis.

Although she has not completely shut the door on future appearances, the US Open looks set to be her swansong, bringing the curtain down on a 27-year career.

The majority of the players at Flushing Meadows were not born when Williams made her professional debut in 1995 and have only known the sport with her as its dominant figure.

Naomi Osaka’s father was inspired by the success of Richard Williams in raising two champion daughters and followed his blueprint.

Serena Williams hailed by rivals as stars pay tribute ahead of US Open swansong

Tests offer no clues about Andy Murray’s cramp issues

15:31 , Luke Baker

Andy Murray’s cramp issues remain a mystery after tests came back clear ahead of the US Open.

The 35-year-old has generally coped well with hot and humid conditions during his career but has struggled over the past few weeks, cramping in three different matches, including his loss to Cameron Norrie in Cincinnati last week.

Murray underwent sweat testing to try to get to the bottom of the problem but that did not flag up any issues.

“It was all good,” he said. “Sweat test was good. Blood test was good. No illnesses.”

While that is positive news, it still leaves Murray unsure as to the cause of the problem.

Tests offer no clues about Andy Murray’s cramp issues

15:24 , Luke Baker

The US Open says farewell to Serena Williams as New York hosts a highly-intriguing final grand slam of the year.

Williams has said that she intends to “evolve” away from tennis at the end of the tournament, with the 23-time grand slam singles champion preparing to bid farewell to Flushing Meadows with entries into both the singles and the doubles, having been handed a wildcard alongside sister Venus.

There is no Novak Djokovic, though, with the 35-year-old unable to travel the United States due to his vaccination status, opening up the men’s draw as Daniil Medvedev bids to defend his title and Rafael Nadal seeks a third major crown of 2022. On the women’s side, Emma Raducanu will hope to put a mixed year behind her 12 months on from her stunning maiden triumph.

Here’s everything you need to know ahead of the US Open, including the schedule and Day 1 order of play:

US Open 2022 Day 1 order of play including Andy Murray, Serena Williams, Nick Kyrgios

Andy Murray recalls ‘nerves’ and ‘relief’ of maiden grand slam at US Open

15:15 , Luke Baker

Andy Murray wound back the clock on the eve of a US Open that marks a decade since he first became a grand slam champion.

It was at Flushing Meadows in 2012 that Murray made it across the line in his fifth slam final, defeating Novak Djokovic to lift the trophy on Arthur Ashe Stadium.

His most vivid memories are from before and after the final, with the Scot recalling: “I remember how I felt before the match. I remember being in the locker room on my own and feeling unbelievably nervous and feeling pretty lonely and kind of feeling a lot of pressure.

“I remember after the match going back on to the court before I left the venue. I just wanted to be out there on my own.

“I was very proud of myself. I didn’t feel like going wild and celebrating and that sort of stuff. I just felt quite relaxed and it was just such a big relief to get over that line.”

Andy Murray recalls ‘nerves’ and ‘relief’ of maiden grand slam at US Open

Will the most open of US Opens produce another unexpected winner?

15:14 , Luke Baker

When imagining the post-big three era of men’s tennis amid their years of domination, there was a time where the picture of future grand slams would look and feel a little like this upcoming US Open, writes Jamie Braidwood .

We are not in that era yet, of course, given the first three grand slams of the year have been split between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic – the big three’s domination continuing – but if last year’s US Open was defined by Emma Raducanu’s stunning run from qualifying to the title, there is a feeling New York could produce another unlikely champion in the men’s tournament this month.

Djokovic will miss his second grand slam of the season as his hope for a change in Covid-19 vaccine rules for non-US citizens ended, as was always expected, without the good news he desperately held out for.

Last year for Djokovic was all about the golden slam, and he came within a defeat to Daniil Medvedev from winning all four majors in a single season for the first time. Apart from his Wimbledon triumph, Djokovic’s emotional loss on Arthur Ashe last September led to what feels like a wasted year on-court, as he remains unmoved in his opposition to the vaccine.

Read Jamie’s full preview of the men’s tournament here:

Will the most open of US Opens produce another unexpected winner?

Andy Murray vs Francisco Cerundolo

15:06 , Luke Baker

Welcome to The Independent’s live coverage of Day 1 of the 2022 US Open as Andy Murray returns to the scene of his maiden major triumph in New York a decade ago.

Murray is in action on the opening day of competition at Flushing Meadows (getting underway at 4pm BST), having been handed a tough first-round draw against Francisco Cerundolo, the 24th seed who is currently ranked at No 27 in the world - 24 places above his opponent.

The veteran British player has endured a disrupted build-up to the tournament, hampered by cramps during the North American hard-court swing, but will be hoping to find top form and aiming to reach the fourth round of a major for the first time since 2017.

Murray’s chances of winning in New York this week and adding to his tally of majors appear slim, although the men’s draw is wide open. There is no Novak Djokovic, with the 35-year-old unable to travel to the United States due to his vaccination status, as Daniil Medvedev bids to defend his title and Rafael Nadal seeks a third major crown of 2022.

Stick with us as we take you through all the action.