Video: MMA fighter DQ’d after projectile vomiting blue liquid in the cage

Clean up in the MMA aisle.

An amateur fight at Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, Neb., ended in gross fashion this past weekend, as a fighter was disqualified for projectile vomit.

At Dynasty Combat Sports 91, Kafele Mensah puked blue on the canvas mid-fight, which resulted in an immediate stoppage. His opponent, Josh Spatz, was named the victor.

Though rare, bodily fluid disqualifications aren’t totally absent from MMA.

They’re enough of a concern that the nine-page Association of Boxing Commissions and Combative Sports Unified Rules of MMA have a quarter-page dedicated to protocols and procedures dealing with them.

The official rules read:

“If a fighter, during the course of a round, visibly loses control of bodily function (vomit, urine, feces), the fight shall be stopped by the referee and the fighter shall lose the contest by a Technical Knockout (TKO) due to Medical Stoppage.

  • i. In the event a loss of bodily function occurs in the rest period between rounds, the ringside physician shall be called in to evaluate if the combatant can continue. If the combatant is not cleared by the ringside physician to continue, that combatant shall lose by a Technical Knockout (TKO) due to Medical Stoppage.

  • ii. If fecal matter becomes apparent at any time, the contest shall be halted by the referee, and the offending combatant shall lose by a Technical Knockout (TKO) due to Medical Stoppage.”

So despite the surprise from the broadcast announce team, the presiding official made the correct call.

Story originally appeared on MMA Junkie