Viral WNBA clip of SPICY interaction between two players has fans hot and bothered

Nalyssa Smith; Dijonai Carrington
Nalyssa Smith; Dijonai Carrington

The Indiana Fever lost to the Connecticut Sun during a WNBA game Tuesday night, but it was an interaction between former teammates — and former(?) girlfriends — Dijonai Carrington and NaLyssa Smith that captured attention online.

A 24-second clip circulating on social media shows Carrington grabbing the rebound only to be, as the announcer put it, "tapped from behind" by Smith. Smith then helps her opponent up by the waist and walks away without any further interaction between them.

In and of itself, the clip is already spicy enough for the internet to latch on. But the added history and rumored drama really have Twitter in a tizzy.

Although they now play for opposing teams, Carrington and Smith were once teammates playing basketball for Baylor University. They were also in a relationship for some time. However, fans think it may have ended recently due to them no longer following one another on Instagram.

The forced intimacy and existing intrigue left people feeling some sort of way, leading to the WNBA clip going viral alongside enthusiastic commentary about what took place on the court.

Whatever went on between those two — or whatever currently might be going on — the tension was definitely palpable. And it's giving fans a whole new reason to tune into the next game between these teams on Monday.