WINNERS MINDSET: Annaston Brown officially signs with Connors State

Apr. 16—When Connors State women's basketball's Jamie Fisher was scouting Sequoyah's Annaston Brown, one thing stood out above any of her on-court skills.

Fisher was impressed with Brown's shooting, defense, leadership, and ability to play any position. But he was most impressed the program from which Brown came. CSU's head man said Brown's and SHS' desires to win were a key element.

"One intangible we didn't talk about that I love is that she is from a winning program," Fisher said. "Sequoyah plays for championships every year. The mindset is to win a gold ball and that is what we want to do for our program. The fact she comes from this program, and their mindset is to win a championship, is what I love more than anything."

Brown credits her dad with her urge to get better and to win.

"My dad has really kept me with it," Brown said. "If I am being honest, I would play just to play, but my dad pushed me to play in tournaments and pushed me to shoot. He pushed me to be better. I appreciate him rebounding for me and getting past my stubbornness."

Brown brings a well-rounded presence to the CSU team next season. Over her four years, Brown played all five positions at one point in her career.

"As we progressed, we kept moving her positions. In the end, she played all five positions for us, since she could shoot," SHS head coach Justin Brown said.

Despite getting moved all over the court, Brown's offensive production didn't let up. Over two and a half seasons, Brown fell just short of reaching the 1,000-point club with over 950 points.

Brown finished this season as the Lady Indians' leading scorer. After a strong season, Brown was named to the Oklahoma Girls Basketball Coaches Association All-State Team.

"She is a really good shooter; she had a chance to get 1,000 points," coach Brown said. "When you get to that point, it is pretty special. It takes a lot of people four years to do that, and for her to do that in two and a half seasons, it is impressive."

CSU and Brown look to be a match made in heaven for the pair. Last season was one of the best in CSU's history. Last season, the Tigers finished with a 29-5 record, an area championship, a regional championship and their first trip to the National Tournament in 15 seasons.

"She is going to be a huge asset for us. I think I've seen six or seven games this year. I am extremely excited to have her; the college is excited to have her. We expect big things from her," Fisher said.

Along with having a winning culture for Brown to step into, their style of play fits Brown well.

"I went and watched a game, and I realized I loved the way they played. They like to go up and down quickly, and I like a faster game," Brown said. "They like the 3-point shot and I'm a shooter. They play as a team no one is selfish, and the girls are determined to do whatever it takes to win."

As the senior leader for the Lady Indians, Brown reflected on her time with SHS.

"I want to thank my teammates for believing in me. I feel like playing the senior role we have a different perspective," Brown said. "They are more than a teammate; they are a younger sibling. I am going to miss my team more than anything."

Brown and the rest of the Tigers start training in the fall. Once that begins, Brown knows she will have to adapt her game to the college level.

"I think I will probably have to get used to the pace and how they like to play," Brown said. "I am looking forward to getting better as a defender. I feel like at the college level, you have to be able to defend, and I will have to work on that."

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