Wrexham owner Rob McElhenney to make documentary about controversial Enhanced Games

Rob McElhenney is the co-owner of Wrexham  (Getty Images)
Rob McElhenney is the co-owner of Wrexham (Getty Images)

Rob McElhenney, the co-owner of AFC Wrexham, will chart the progress of the controversial Enhanced Games in a documentary about the event, in which doping will be allowed.

McElhenney, star of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, and Ryan Reynolds purchased the Welsh football club in 2020, chronicling their efforts in “Welcome to Wrexham”. The third series of the documentary is due to air in May on Disney+ in the United Kingdom.

A report from Variety now confirms that the actor will now follow the Enhanced Games in a docuseries about a project that aims to rival the Olympics.

Founded by Aron D’Souza and Christian Angermayer, the Games will allow athletes to take drugs in a bid to improve performance. Former Olympic swimmer James Magnussen has signed up and will bid to break the record time for the 100 metres freestyle.

A casting call has now been issued for ten athletes to participate in the Games, with McElhenney’s More Better Productions joining forces with Ridley Scott Associates (RSA) to make a documentary series.

“More Better is honoured to partner with RSA to help tell the extraordinary story behind the Enhanced Games,” McElhenney told Variety. “From the moment we discovered this competition was in the works, we knew this deserved a deep exploration through a thoughtful docuseries lens.”

D’Souza told The Independentabout his goals for the Enhanced Games earlier this year, which include continuing the pursuit of eternal life.

Aron D’Souza is the man behind the Enhanced Games (Enhanced Games)
Aron D’Souza is the man behind the Enhanced Games (Enhanced Games)

“We’ve raised money from some of the most famous venture capitalists in history, the people who are literally in the business of building the future,” D’Souza said, with PayPal’s Peter Thiel among his first investors.

“I’ll be honest, Mercedes-Benz isn’t going to be the sponsor of the first Enhanced Games. But the reality is, now that I have the equity capital necessary to finance the whole first event, it’s very easy, right? I can offer multimillion-dollar prizes to athletes coming to compete. If an athlete breaks the 100m world record, there’s definitely going to be a seven-, maybe even eight-figure prize for them.”