9 Celtic presser headlines as Brendan Rodgers firm on summer transfers and Matt O'Riley future

Celtic can be crowned champions TONIGHT without kicking a ball if Rangers fail to beat Dundee at Ibrox.

But Brendan Rodgers insists he'll be tuned into Tottenham instead as Ange Postecoglou's side face title-chasing Manchester City. Celts need just a point from their remaining two games to seal three-in-a-row and can kick off the title party at Kilmarnock tomorrow evening. Rodgers isn't bothered how it's won and claims he won't be following events from Govan as Gers host the Dark Blues in a dead rubber.

What is on the Parkhead manager's mind, though, is the summer transfer window as he looks to strengthen his squad. Rodgers once again reiterated the need for "quality" not quantity as he seeks to make the champions-elect a competitive force in the new-look Champions League. The Northern Irishman confirmed work is well underway on that front and was also quizzed on the future of Matt O'Riley, who attracted interest from Atletico Madrid in the January window.

As he previewed tomorrow's potential title party at Rugby Park, Football Scotland has picked out the nine key talking points from today's press conference.

Looking forward to Rugby Park?

"Yeah, I'm looking forward to the game. We respect it'll be a tough game for us. Derek has done a fantastic job with Kilmarnock. We haven't been great there in the two games but we had a half where we were comfortable in the game and then we conceded a couple of poor goals and ended up losing the game 2-1. We're ready for a tough game against a team that are very effective, very well coached and organised, got experienced players. We have to be ready for the duels and we also have to be ready to play our football and that's what we're preparing for."

Watching Rangers vs Dundee?

"Not really, no. I'll watch Tottenham-Man City. Our only focus is on ourselves and preparing for the game. Outwith that, we can't control anything else."

Would you rather clinch it yourselves on the pitch? "For me, it doesn't really matter. Obviously, some people would prefer to win it there and then you have the celebration. For me, it's just about collating the points over the season and then when it's mathematically rubber-stamped then you take that."

How far down the road to continuing the growth of the squad?

"We have to, that's pretty clear. But I'm really excited about that moving forward into a bright future with the club. This season has been a real challenge. The squad openly not as strong as I would have liked it to have been but what the players have given me until this point has been absolutely brilliant. Our job moving forward next year is to be much stronger. But that's something that's well underway."

Do your business early?

"Yeah, I think every coach and manager would want to do that. There's definitely certainly positions we would want to have finalised sooner rather than later for sure. Ideally if we can do that, it'd be great. But what's really important for us this summer is getting the level of quality that I want into the squad. That will be absolutely key for the growth of this team. The guys have been absolutely fantastic but next season we need more depth in the squad. I go back a little bit to my past here... I was making eight changes going away to Ross County and I was bringing into that team, Stuart Armstrong, Ryan Christie... these guys have shown that they are Premier League quality. I remember taking a team to our training camp in Dubai. This was a proper game and the second team beat the starters 5-0 and that gave me great food for thought when I came back for the second part of the season. That told me then the depth that is required and I think that's something that's definitely required here. We lost a bit of that in the summer but there's no doubt we will need to restructure that going forward. We have some fantastic players here and we want to add to that."

On the same page with Michael Nicholson and the board?

"Yeah, 100 per cent. Every season has to be a learning season on and off the pitch. I've gained nothing but support from Michael and the people here. But going forward with the football strategy, we need to ensure that it's very much there in terms of what we want to bring in. It's not about numbers, it's about increasing the quality of the squad. But that's for later on. We still have a massive job to do over the next three games."

Have to seriously consider bids for Matt O'Riley?

"No, no at all. We don't have to sell. We're not in a position to do that. But of course, if something comes in like happens at Celtic, it will always be looked at. But there's not a need to sell him. Matt's had a brilliant season for us and it's a great testament to his professionalism and how he's developed as a football player. Naturally, those players will attract attention. If you've done well at a club of this status, then naturally the attention will come. But it's not something I lose sleep about."

Would be supportive of James Forrest going to the Euros?

"100 per cent. Listen, Steve will have in his mind what players he will want, but there's no doubt about the effective James has. Whether it's to play for a period of the game or come into the game and make an influence. I don't think there's any doubt that he could still do that and he's proven that over the last period."

Surprised by the furore over the tackle on Alistair Johnston?

"Well, I think in the modern game everything gets analysed now. John's tackle was slightly missed timed, he catches him high. Unfortunately for him in the modern game where there's VAR and everything else, it sees you get sent off. If that happens in an iconic game then of course it will be out there. Thankfully, he wasn't badly injured. He struggled in the game after it and then had to come off but he's recovered well and he's available for tomorrow."

Relationship with the supporters

"I mentioned it earlier, it's probably been a wee bit awkward in the first six months and maybe even now for some supporters. They may never be able to shake off that feeling and I respect that and understand that. I'll deal with that the best that I can. But what I will do is keep the team moving forward and the best way to do that is by keeping everyone together. We've seen that over the last three months or so. That unity, we've had periods of the season where the stadium has been quiet and for me, that's not Celtic. Celtic is that unification of supporters and players and managers all fighting for the one cause. When that comes together, we've seen it so many times over the last number of years, that when it comes together it's a symbol of strength. Our plan and hopefully our motion going forward is to stay that way."