Arne Slot sent 'four week' Liverpool warning as new manager told of first test

Arne Slot will be taking over from Jürgen Klopp at Liverpool this summer.
Arne Slot will be taking over from Jürgen Klopp at Liverpool this summer. -Credit:Photo by ANP via Getty Images

Arne Slot, the Feyenoord manager, has been warned that he may only have a fortnight to win over Liverpool's squad if he is appointed as the Reds' new boss. The Dutchman is set to replace Jürgen Klopp at Anfield this summer, with Liverpool having agreed on a compensation package with his current employer worth around $11.9m (£9.4m/€11.0m) in total.

Slot will be tasked with continuing Klopp's legacy after his near-nine-year tenure at the club. But former Liverpool defender Glen Johnson emphasized the importance of first impressions, stating: " It's important that he gets the boys on his side," and "He needs to get their attention, get their belief as soon as possible."

He added, speaking to Squawka: "If he hasn't got that in four weeks, it isn't going to work, Maybe even less; maybe two weeks. They're big characters."

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Johnson warned that losing the dressing room early could spell disaster, saying: "If he loses the dressing room in the first four weeks, it's over. The players have to respect him and naturally, they will do, they're all good guys."

"But what I mean by respect, I mean do they believe that he can make them win, or help them to win? He needs to make them believe in the training, in the philosophy, whatever it is that he's going to bring. The belief of how they're going to dissect other teams. The players have to buy into everything you say, otherwise it's over."

Johnson is clearly captivated by Slot's potential and trusts Michael Edwards' judgment. The former Premier League star is hopeful that the Dutch coach has picked up a thing or two from former Manchester United coach Louis van Gaal.

"To be honest, I haven't seen many games that he's managed, but I know he is very close to [Louis] van Gaal and people like that. So if he's taken any leaves out of their books, like Brendan [Rodgers] did with Mourinho, then you're learning from one of the best.

"They've got their eyes on him and Eddie [Michael Edwards] the sporting director knows exactly what he's doing. And he's a big fan of Van Gaal, so I'm sure that's where the interest has come from.

"Liverpool make these signings and they usually get it right. It's a tough job for him to go into and it's a totally different league, but he's going to inherit a fantastic team. So let's see what he can do if he is the right man." says: Slot will have to get the player onside but there is no reason to think that he can't. From what we have seen of him so far, he appears to be very charismatic. As much as getting the players to warm to him, he will need the fans on board too. Speaking through the media and how he appears in interviews will be a big part of that.