Arsenal Invincible comes out in support of Man City and admits 'I want them to do it'

Arsenal players celebrate with Premiership trophy after becoming the 2003-2004 Premier League champions
Arsenal celebrate their last Premier League title 20 years ago -Credit:Michael Mayhew/Sportsphoto/Allstar via Getty Images

An Arsenal legend has thrown his support behind Manchester City in the Premier League title race – despite his deep connections with the Gunners.

Gael Clichy, a member of Arsenal's Invincibles squad of 2003/04, was later a key player for City, winning the title under Pep Guardiola. The Frenchman, 38, is proud of his association with both clubs, but believes Guardiola's side deserve to take a fourth successive title.

Speaking exclusively to Ladbrokes Fanzone (via the Mirror) Clichy said: "What's impressed me most about Manchester City right now is that, even when they're not playing well, they're still destroying teams. Across 90 minutes, they're dominant in pretty much every single game they play.

"A few weeks back, against Arsenal, they didn't play particularly well, and people were saying that was a great opportunity for Arsenal to beat them, because City weren't at their best.

"But, even when they weren't at their best, they dominated the game. They may not have won the game, but what I'm saying is that, over a season, they are comfortably the best team.

"They're the best team because if you look at any game in which they dropped points, if you were to replay that game another 10 times, they'd probably draw one, lose one, and win eight. You can't say that about any other team in the division right now."

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Clichy, now a budding coach, shared his unique perspective, saying: "The luxury that I have, is that I played for both clubs, and really I'm a fan of both. I'm a young coach, and when you're in my position, where you're just doing your coaching badges, you have ideas in your head, you have a philosophy, and it just happens that the two clubs I spent so long with, happen to now be the ones who really inspire me.

"Everything that I have in my mind, is because of Arsenal and Manchester City. If you're asking me who I want to win the title, I could make a case for both teams. City deserve it, and I want them to do it because they'd be the first team to do it four times in a row, off the back of last year's Treble success."

Despite his preference, Clichy insists the Gunners would make "beautiful champions". He said: "At the same time, I'd love to see Arsenal do it, because they're a huge club who deserve to be up there, fighting for trophies.

"They've been heading in the right direction over the last few years, and they'd make beautiful champions. I'd be happy for either of them, I really would. I still believe it's very much in City's hands but, my God, Arsenal are doing extremely well."