Arsene Wenger lost it with us in Arsenal dressing room – but we started laughing

Arsene Wenger rarely lost it with his Arsenal players
Arsene Wenger rarely lost it with his Arsenal players -Credit:Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Arsenal icon David Seaman has recalled a rare occasion when Arsene Wenger lost it during a match – only for the players to find it hilarious.

The Gunners had their share of triumph and catastrophe against Manchester United during Wenger's tenure. Back in 2001, Arsenal were demolished 6-1 at Old Trafford, having been 5-1 down at the break.

The half-time teamtalk wasn't for the faint-hearted as the normally-cool Frenchman lost it with his players. However, the tirade didn't have the desired effect on the entire squad, with some finding the manager's rant rather amusing.

Goalkeeping legend Seaman reminisced about the incident with Betway. He said: "The only time Arsene lost it was when we got beaten 6-1 by Man United. We were 5-1 down at half-time.

"We went in, and Arsene got his water bottle in his hand, threw it down and in a French accent he went: 'This is not acceptable!'"

Despite the seriousness of the situation, the Frenchman's accent inadvertently lightened the mood, causing Seaman and team-mate Ray Parlour to struggle to contain their laughter. Seaman added: "But in a French accent, it doesn't quite sound right, and me and Ray Parlour were like two little schoolboys in the dressing room, and had to stifle our laughing."

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Reflecting on Arsenal's 2001/02 title-clinching triumph at Old Trafford the following season, Seaman recalled: "Even at half-time at Old Trafford the night that we won the league, we went in and it was total silence for 10 minutes, and I mean total silence.

"Then Arsene said a few words for a minute, and you'd go back out. That was awesome. That was every game."

Seaman also shared an insight into Wenger's unique approach to preparation. The former England stopper explained: "Weirdly, we never did anything on the opposition under Arsene. The only time we did anything would be set-pieces if the other team did anything different.

"He would watch so much football, and watch so many video clips of the opposition, then keep it to himself. He was all about us playing our game."