'You don't know anything' - Thiago Silva's wife sheds light on Chelsea star's future

Chelsea defender Thiago Silva

Chelsea star Thiago Silva is not imminently joining his former Brazilian club Fluminense according to his wife Belle.

The 39-year-old's contract is due to expire this summer and Silva has already announced that he will be departing Chelsea at the end of the season. It is not yet clear where he could end up though.

One move that makes sense on paper would be a return to South America with Fluminense where he began his career in the late '90s. However, Silva's partner has taken to social media to put an end to rumours surrounding her husband's career.

She wrote on social media: "Help me help you! You don't know anything!

"This anxiety is getting in the way of things that could work out! You're getting in the way! Stop posting false information!"

One thing which is clear is that Silva intends to play another season and reports suggest that three unnamed London clubs are open to bringing him on board. After announcing his exit from Chelsea, Silva gave this emotional statement: "Chelsea means a lot to me.

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"I came here with the intention of only staying for a year and it ended up being four years. Not just for me but for my family, too.

"I think in everything I did here over the four years, I always gave my all. But, unfortunately, everything has a start, a middle and an end.

"That doesn’t mean that this is a definitive end. I hope to leave the door open so that in the near future I can return, albeit in another role here.

"But… it’s an indescribable love. I can only say thank you.

"It is already hard saying goodbye in the most normal of circumstances but when there is a mutual love, it’s even harder. But once a blue, always a blue."