Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer in agreement on Arsenal title race amid Manchester Utd hope

Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer speaking on camera
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Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer have both predicted that Manchester City will clinch the Premier League title for a fourth consecutive season, despite Arsenal's current position at the top of the table.

The Gunners are currently ahead of City, but Pep Guardiola's side has a game in hand which is set to be played against Tottenham next Tuesday. Ironically, Mikel Arteta's team will be relying on their fierce rivals to aid their title aspirations.

Arsenal's campaign will conclude with a visit to Manchester United this Sunday, followed by a home game against Everton on the final day. However, even if they triumph in these two matches, it won't be enough to secure the league title if City manage to win their final three games.

This is precisely the outcome that Lineker, host of Match of the Day, anticipates. He expressed doubts about whether Spurs would be willing to assist their rivals, but conceded that there could be a 'Sergio Aguero moment' on the last day.

"You can't go out and not try. I spoke to a couple of Tottenham fans yesterday and both of them said 'no, we can't help Arsenal to win the league'," Lineker shared on The Rest Is Football podcast.

"I can never remember any conversation ahead of a match where you go 'not sure I want to win today'. Could be another Aguero moment. I think you might be right [Manchester City to win all their games], but this is football and you never know."

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Shearer expects City to win the title but does not believe Spurs will roll over to prevent Arsenal from winning it. He referenced Blackburn Rovers' 1995 title win as an example.

In that season, Blackburn played Liverpool on the final day knowing a defeat would allow Manchester United to win the title if they beat West Ham. Though Liverpool are famously bitter rivals of United, Rovers lost 2-1 at Anfield, with Shearer scoring their goal.

Shearer believes that any drop in performance from Spurs will see them lose, but insists they will still be desperate to beat City.

"You're talking about the integrity of players. We had that scenario at Blackburn, when we had to go to Anfield last day of the season, it was either us winning the title or Man United. So you're thinking Liverpool were going to do us a right favour," he added.

"It was such a weird atmosphere because the fans were aware of it, they didn't want Man United to win at West Ham which meant they would have had a chance of winning the title, it was really weird."

"In the end everyone was happy apart from Man United, because Liverpool won, we won the title. But you can't ever question the players' integrity. But if you're that much off it then it does make a difference."